There are many credit card providers, but the Discover It credit card is a popular choice for people who want to build or rebuild their credit history. This comprehensive review will explore the Discover It credit card’s essential features, benefits, rewards, and potential drawbacks.

Discover It Credit Card Review
Discover It Credit Card Review

Discover It Credit Card Review

The Discover It cash-back card is famous for its no-annual-fee credit card that offers exclusive rewards. But there are so many credit card options on the market. Is it the right choice for you? This review will discuss all the card’s features, unveiling its strengths and weaknesses to help you decide. 

Reward Program

The Discover It credit card comes with a rotating 5% cash back offer, which allows you to maximize your rewards on everyday purchases of groceries, restaurants, and gas stations (categories change quarterly). However, to avail yourself of this bonus offer, you must activate each quarter to be eligible. Besides this, you can earn 1% cash back on all other purchases and claim your earned cash back at any time.

Benefits and Features

  • The main benefit of the credit card is that it comes with no annual fee option and offers exciting rewards.
  • The 5% cash back offer allows you to maximize your rewards on everyday purchases of groceries, restaurants, and gas stations. You must activate each quarter to be eligible for the bonus.
  • The card offers 1% cash back on all everyday purchases outside the bonus categories.
  • For a new cardholder, there was a bonus offer where you could double your first-year cash-back rewards. This is a great way to jumpstart your cash-back earnings.
  • The Discover It credit card gives you a 0% APR introductory period on purchases and balance transfers.


Security Deposit Requirement

Although we know that a security deposit is a base feature of a credit card, it can be a headache for individuals with limited funds to spend.

Credit Limit Determined By Deposit Amount

The Discover It credit card’s initial credit limit is linked to the security deposit. However, if you use a card responsible for the timely payment of your dues, the credit limit will increase.

Limited Base Cash Back

The Discover It card offers only 1% cash back, which is lower than some flat-rate cash back cards that offer higher cash back rewards on all purchases.

Lack of Travel Perks

The Discover It credit card is accepted globally, but it doesn’t offer travel-specific benefits like airport lounge access, travel insurance, or points redemption on airlines or hotels.

No Signup Bonus

Unlike some other cards, which offer no signup bonus and a fixed amount of cash back or points, the Discover It credit card doesn’t provide these types of perks, which is sad.

Who Should Get This Card?

  • If you have a bad credit score and want to rebuild your credit, you can choose the Discover It cash-back credit card. It’s widely usable and offers lots of cashback and rewards, which will help you build your credit history.
  • If you love bonuses, then this card is for you. It offers a 5% cash back bonus on specific categories and 1% cash back on other everyday purchases.
  • If you enjoy tracking your daily spending, cash back or rewards, and credit history, this card is for you.

Discover It Credit Card Details

Security DepositRequired
Cash Back Rewards5% cash back on groceries, gas stations,s and restaurants, and 1% on all other purchases.
Welcome OfferDiscover double all cash back earned in the first year for new card holders.
Free FICO Credit ScoreDiscover It card offers free FICO score tracking
Annual FeeNo
Introductory APR Period0% APR on purchases but for a limited time
Other BenefitsNo foreign transaction fees and free FICO score tracking

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the interest rates on the Discover it cash back card?

The Discover It cash-back card offers a 0% intro APR on purchases and balance transfers for 15 months. After that, the APR jumps to 17.24% – 28.24% for purchases and 29.99% for balance transfers. Remember that the 0% APR is temporary, so always pay off your pending balances before the period to avoid high-interest charges.

Can I get my security deposit back?

If you pay your pending balance in time and use your card responsibly, Discover will refund your security deposit.

Is there a minimum amount I must spend to earn cash back?

No, there is no minimum spending requirement to earn cash back with the Discover It cash-back credit card, but you must meet a certain spending threshold before you qualify for any rewards.

How do I activate the 5% cash-back bonus?

You can activate your 5% cash back bonus on your Discover It cash back card through Discover’s official website, Discover Mobile App, and by calling (1-800-347-2683) from your phone.


The Discover It credit card is a great choice for individuals looking to establish or rebuild their credit score because it offers various cash-back reward programs and a transparent payment structure. However, new customers should consider the security deposit requirements, whether they fit their financial situation or not.

All the information discussed above will help you decide whether this card best fulfills your needs.